Top 10 Best Touristy New York City Tourist Attractions 2019

Top 10 Best Touristy New York City Tourist Attractions 2019- We could not miss out on writing about NYC! The city that never sleeps, the concrete jungle – once here, you will want to voyage back to the biggest city in the USA again and again. There’s a unique charm about this one – not only is it a nexus and sanctum of art, culture, history, entertainment and architecture, it has an undying, relentless spirit that is forever buzzing for more! New York City can certainly prove to be an overwhelming experience for a novice – the vacation and traveling array of possibilities here are endless, and so here we are to help you list down those 10 must-visits in this great city. Read on to find about the top 10 tourist attractions of New York that the traveler in you will yearn to come back to at each opportunity.

Top 10 Best Touristy New York City Tourist Attractions 2019

10. Grand Central Terminal

The Grand Central Terminal is truly a masterpiece in itself and deserves to be on this list. This historical landmark is the world’s loveliest and busiest stations. Whether you are a local or a tourist, the elaborate ceiling, the cavernous main concourse, the impressive opal glass clock, and a gala of cocktail lounges, eateries and retail shopping centers will definitely be able to spellbind you. Over a century old, this terminal experiences hundreds of daily departures and arrivals and is the perfect way to get acquainted with the pace of life in New York.

You are warned against visiting this enticing place at peak (work) hours. Spend a couple of hours here gazing at the celestial ceiling, taking an audio tour of the place or opting for a free one, dine and wine and check out the shops and seasonal exhibitions and concerts like the Holiday Train Show.

9. Metropolitan Museum Of Art (The Met)

This is the sprawling jewel in the crown with which the Fifth Avenue’s ‘Museum Mile’ is adorned with. Built back in 1870, the Met houses some of the oldest and most wondrous collections of art, arms, photographs, musical instruments, and prehistoric and Egyptian artifacts of anthropological importance. One could literally spend an entire day in here! The 5000 years’ worth of art and remains has something for everyone to enjoy and experience.

The galleries have the power to transcend time and cultures. Get yourself here around 11 in the morning, by which time the waiting lines have dissipated to some extent; the Met is open daily and one can take advantage of the free guided tours and list of suggested itineraries on the Met website. The Met Breuer and Met Cloisters are the two other sites included in the tickets. Make the most of the splendid dining options and cafes here!

8. Macy’s Herald Square

Unlike those holiday movies that show people gawking at Macy’s during the holiday season when it is decorated with balloons galore, this mammoth department store is an all – year destination and the one-stop shop for over millions of shoppers. Opened in the late 1800s, this store has seen and been through a lot.

But thanks to its renovation two years back, the ostensible craze and crowd is back here. The shopaholic in you gets to choose from a first class selection of the topmost fashion brands in a wide variety of shopping categories. Head over to the 34th Street and experience world-class shopping!

7. Statue Of Liberty (Staten Island Ferry)

This colossal symbol of freedom is not just a statue but New York’s icon. Its official name is “Liberty Enlightening the World” and was a gift to America from France.  You are a short boat ride away to Liberty Island in order to bask in the glory of the Liberty lady. The 152 feet tall statue offers a breathtaking view of Manhattan and the New York harbor.

You would need to pre – purchase tickets for the ‘Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Guided Tour’ in lieu of their quick sellout. We would also recommend a quick stop at the museum on Liberty Island. You could upgrade to a cruise plus crown ticket to go into the statue itself.  No matter how tourist – averse you are, this is a must-experience!

6. Central Park (Top Of The Rock)


When you need a respite from the hustling and bustling of the New York city life, head towards Central Park. Sprawl across the lush green lawns of this park nestled right in the middle of Manhattan. You could choose to visit the Belvedere castle, meander through the gardens, and go for a quick jog on the 6-mile long track, cycle down, ride a boat or gondola.

If you are traveling with kids do not miss the statue of Alice in Wonderland, carousel and the Central Park Zoo. Post this relaxation; get back to your state of feeling high by making it to the top of NYC. Head to the Top of The Rock with the help of an elevator, go up to the 68th and 70th floors and take in the mesmerizing spectacle of the skyline from any one of the three 360 degree-view observation decks, with the uppermost deck being completely open-air. There is no reason to hurry since the last elevator goes up at 11:15pm.

5. Manhattan’s Theater District (Broadway)

The theater district roughly extends from 41st Street to 52nd Street, which is Sixth to Eight Avenue. Your trip to NYC isn’t complete without watching a live Broadway performance in the Theatre District. This is known as the pinnacle of the American theatre and showcases world renowned performers and performances. You could grab your seats by booking the tickets well in advance.

Some of the best musicals, plays and Tony-Award winning performances find their refuge here. This experience is truly unmatched to anywhere else in the world, marvel at the décor, set designs, or simply head down the streets for amazing food options, but do ascertain your visit here.

4. One World Observatory

Ever had a wish of experiencing the ever-changing face and times of this amazing city? Well, here is a 102 floor tall building that takes you up on an adventure literally! Hop in an elevator and as you ascent, observe the evolution of NYC over the last 500 years right in front of you  – thanks to the floor to ceiling LED technique.

This spectacular experience is nothing like you have ever experienced. At the end of the ascent, get a breathtaking glimpse of the stunning skyline of the city. You get a chance to observe Manhattan, New Jersey and Brooklyn from an incredibly amazing perspective. The Sky Portal will give you quite the chills as you hover over the busy streets full 100 floors below! Soak up all the panoramic sights and divulge in a fine dining experience at One Dine and One Café.

3. Rockefeller Center

Who hasn’t heard of this iconic New York attraction! This is the best location in NYC to get a glimpse of all the tourist heralds and icons. There is plenty to do and see at the Rockefeller Center. Peek in on NBC’s Today Show, watch the dancing Rockettes, spin along on the ice rink with the Prometheus statue in sight (Freemasonry curious souls pay attention) at the ground level, explore some terrific shopping and culinary destinations, or leap ahead to the Top of the Rock and rival the Empire State Building! Christmas time surely transforms this center with the biggest Christmas tree in place. Do not miss out visiting NYC’s greatest treasure!

2. Empire State Building

Just when you thought “Empire State of Mind” couldn’t be more addictive, you find yourself at the altar. The splendor of this skyscraper that changed the skyline of New York forever lives on in the fact that this landmark is the most famous one on this planet. The most famous office building in the world constitutes of 102 floors and its only rival is the One World Trade Center.

The 86th and 102nd floor offer observation decks for visitors and on a clear day one can view as far as Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. It is open even after midnight and is the favorite American architecture of over 200 movies. You can opt for an audio tour and also visit the 80thfloor with the Dare to Dream exhibit which houses documents, pictures and artifacts about the building’s history. This certainly should be on your top-priority list!

1. Times Square

Manhattan’s heart indeed! Located at the intersection of Seventh Avenue and Broadway, Times Square once had a notorious reputation. Today, it is the hub of billboards, bright lights and the Theatre District. It is often referred as the ‘Crossroads of the World’ probably because of the big city feels of this place. Times Square is the world’s most visited tourist attraction – certainly makes you feel brand new, add to it the importance of the place from the entertainment industry’s point of view and the annual New Year’s Eve ball drop – and you get the perfect alluring square.

The plethora of options for restaurants, shopping malls, entertainment and any activity in general has turned Times Square into the number one attraction on our list. What are you waiting for? Head straight here for a night full of neon-gazig and some big office spotting!

Top 10 Best Touristy New York City Tourist Attractions 2019
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