Top 10 Best French Press Coffee Makers 2019

Top 10 Best French Press Coffee Makers 2019 – A French press, also known as a press pot, a coffee press, Cafeteria or a Coffee Plunger, is a part of the coffee brewing machine invented by an Italian, Atillio Calimani. Atillio Calimani developed the french press in 1929. Since then, the invention was taken over by the Household Articles Ltd. that made this coffee maker a must have in the coffee making market. Later on, the Danish Tableware & Kitchenware Company in Bodum also began producing the french press, making it well known to the wider public.

Those who have ever used this machine, have praised it, claiming that the Coffee Press makes the finest coffee flavor. This is because it takes in a lot of the coffee bean’s flavor. Moreover, the essential oils found in coffee beans can be completely extracted through the french press, since the french press completely soaked the beans in water. In the french press, coffee beans are put in the machine to develop a bolder flavor of coffee, which is mostly lost while making it in the paper filtered coffee makers. It is because of this, that the taste the french press is still widely used and popular all over the world.

Top 10 Best French Press Coffee Makers 2019

To use a french press, you should use coffee filters that are generally thicker than the standard coffee filters. This allows for your coffee to be free of any particulate. To function a french press, you simply place the course coffee grounds in the maker along with hot water, by first placing coffee grounds into the press and then by pouring a little hot water followed by a gentle stir. You would need to let it incubate for 30 seconds and add the rest of the water into it. Then put a cover on it and leave it to brew for four minutes. After that, push the plunger to divide the grounds while keeping them evenly at the end of the beaker. Remove the coffee in a cup or a container so that it doesn’t get bitter due to further extraction.

The simple functionality of the french press makes it perfect for all coffee lovers. Here, we list the Top 10 Best French Press Coffee Makers of 2019.

10. Culinary Prestige French Press Coffee & Tea Maker

Get the perfect coffee cup every time you want one with this beautifully designed Culinary Prestige French Press Coffee Maker. Instead of going out to Starbucks, get your 8-cups of coffee made within about 4 minutes with this. You are guaranteed to get aromatic coffee with a full flavor, and no grinds in it due to the GrianFree double screen filter system. This also makes it Eco-friendly where all the essential oils are in the cup and not wasted. It is a high-quality one with a chrome finish and a coolTouch handle. It is an Ultra-smooth and silent plunger mechanism that practically needs no effort to get going.

Other Features:

  • Extra durable
  • Heat resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean 1.8mm borosilicate glass

9. The Ritual French Press Coffee Maker

The French Press by Ritual is an entirely new and improved Stainless Steel coffee press maker. It has a Bamboo trim Design of 9 cups of Coffee that is about 36 Oz. It has no plastic that would come in your way. Moreover, it can also be used to make tea with the thick adept screen and filter. This is highly durable to handle a person’s everyday life. Furthermore, it is said to produce a smooth coffee with no grounds due to the precision filter that has been designed by the masters who developed it. It also has a 400-degree heat resistant silicone base that is used to protect it from the outside and to avoid any spilling of the coffee. Moreover, it was made to last you for the rest of your life.

8. The LINKYO Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

The LINKYO Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker is 1.5 liters in size. It is very easy to use and has the most minimal parts in it. Moreover, it is easy to clean as well where it can be cleaned up in a dishwasher too. Furthermore, it is highly eco-friendly where you would never have to buy a filter again since it is made of stainless steel that can be reused. Furthermore, this french press comes with two extra screens. It has strong walls that have the feature of corrosion resistant food grade stainless steel in it. The design is elegant with a polished mirror finish. Moreover, it comes with a 2-year guarantee and product warranty as well.

7. The Bodum Brazil French Press Coffeemaker

This attractive Bodum Brazil Coffee Brewer has a functional design with an ultra-light glass beaker and a polypropylene handle and base. It is the most affordable coffee press maker among all the picks. It is very easy to use and highly durable. Polypropylene is used to make the lid as well along with the Bodum’s aroma and safety seal, which keeps the coffee hot for long. It is dishwasher safe and comes in various sizes – 12oz or 34oz. It also has different colors – lime green, red and black. 

6. Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker 

The Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker 18/10 is made with a top quality steel for both the interior and the exterior. It was created to outlast the other coffee press makers. It has a 3-layered filter structure that is stainless steel. It traps even the smallest of coffee grounds to get the best flavor out of it. You can easily disassemble it and clean it. You can also put more than one screen together to get a more refined espresso. Moreover, it has a coolTouch handle and a knob for safe and comfortable pouring. It has a capacity of 1 liters and is safe to wash in a dishwasher. When bought, you get a bonus stainless steel filter along with the machine.

5. The KONA French Press –Coffee, Tea & Espresso Maker

This is a fun and modern design with a high-quality carafe and a protective shield to avoid any breakage. The interior is made of stainless steel. Along with the design, it makes the best coffee, tea, and espresso. It filters the grounds perfectly so that it doesn’t come in the mouth at all. It is even simple to use for the people who are using it for the first time. It has three detachable pieces and can be washed easily even in a dishwasher. You would also get an extra replacement, a coffee scoop and an offer for another replacement by following the instructions they give. This means you get three screens and don’t have to worry about brewing premium tasting coffee with this for a long duration.

4. The SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press

This coffee brewer is the best machine and one of today’s best sellers. It has a dual screen system which makes sure there is no ground in the coffee. Also, it has a dual-wall construction to keep the coffee hot for hours while the outside stays cold for anyone to hold it easily. The design is very simple with a sturdy construction. It is perfect for both coffee and tea, where the users get two extra screens so that they can continuously prepare coffee and tea in it. It is also durable for a long time without giving any headache of getting spoiled easily.

3. Frieling USA Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press

The Frieling USA Double Wall 18/10 Stainless Steel French Press maker for coffee or tea has a capacity of 36 ounces. With a height of 10-inches, it has a brushed inside finish and a mirror outside finish. Moreover, it has a full-length handle that is very comfortable to hold in hand. Additionally, it has a 2 stage filter system that makes use of a super-fine mesh filter and a pre-filter so that there are no sediments left in the cup. It also has a metal wire inside coil that presses the plunger against the inside of the wall. Moreover, the Carafe doubles are highly insulated and can hold the heat four times longer as compared to the glass ones. It can be disassembled easily and even washed in a dishwasher without worries. Plus, it comes with a 5 year warranty.


2. Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee & Tea Maker Complete Bundle

The Kitchen Supreme French Press maker for Coffee, Tea, and Espresso has a capacity of about 1 liter. That is, it can make eight small cups of coffee. It has four filter screens so that there is no ground coffee in the cup. It has a stainless steel lid with a double German Glass Carafe, which can handle a lot of heat. It gives you the best coffee taste as well as tea taste. Moreover, it can be used to make anything, as in brew anything. Hence, it is said to be one of the best choices where you save enough when you buy this one. It is very eco-friendly and has a warranty of about five years.

1. The SterlingPro Coffee & Espresso Maker

This is one of the top competitors in terms of today’s best french presses. This is the first coffee brewer to use the dual screen system so that no ground coffee enters the mouth. The design is very stylish with a shining crystal-like housing. It has a durable carafe with a chrome lid on the exterior. It also has a plastic black handle and plunger. The lid is plastic so that it can be opened easily without getting burnt. It is dishwasher safe, and it comes with two extra replacement filter screens.

Top 10 Best French Press Coffee Makers 2019
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