Top 10 Best Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbells 2019

Top 10 Best Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbells 2019- With technology’s relentless evolution, gadgets and devices and being introduced to consumers at high frequency on a daily basis. Old household appliances are also being targeted by this wave of innovation and breakthroughs as technology has been trying to incorporate these devices into our modern lifestyles by modifying or even hybridizing them.

And when it comes to the hassles of securing and monitoring your residence, doorbells couldn’t provide enough versatility and surveillance up until their overall mutation. In this article, we will go through the 10 latest Wi-Fi enabled video doorbells.

Top 10 Best Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbells 2019

10. DIGOO Wi-Fi 720P Video Doorbell

This newly released 6 in 1 DIGOO doorbell provides an easy-to-install solution for your home. Alarms and notifications will be diverted to your connected phone once the sensors detect movement. And if you’re away from home, this highly efficient security system would enable you to communicate with your visitors by virtue of the two-way audio function.

The built-in night vision and wide angle 720P camera ensures 24/7 protection all year round as the doorbell is also certified IP65 waterproof. Wirelessly, live video and audio streaming would be transmitted from your doorstep to the free iOS and Android application.

9. TOGUARD Wireless Wi-Fi Waterproof Video Doorbell

Once connected to an AC/DC power supply and internet connection, this smart device would control your doorstep with a 2.0 MP 120 degree wide angle camera. This device is capable of updating you in real time using video and audio, as well as enabling you to remotely unlock your door. Up to 8 doorbells and 8 mobile devices could be combined to create a more complex system covering more areas around your residence.

The TOGUARD doorbell comes equipped with a PIR motion detector that becomes active by human or animal movements. After installing and setting up their application on your iOS or Android device, every message and call gets synced through the P2P cloud service.

8. Xenon Wi-Fi Wireless Doorbell

By scanning their QR code printed on the box and downloading their doorbell application, Xenon promises a device registration and activation process that is considered to be convenient for non-technology fanatics. Including a special chime ringer, this wireless doorbell provides a great cost-performance solution to control your home.

You will be able to communicate with your visitor after receiving a notification on your phone enabling you to speak directly. Supporting wired and wireless networks, the Xenon doorbell boasts a crystal-clear 720P HD video camera that even shoots at night delivering the lens’s field of view to your iOS or Android device at any time.

7. Wi-Fi Video Doorbell By AnyGo

The rainproof and oxidation proof Doorbell by AnyGo is supplied with the ability to connect up to 8 mobile devices each controlling up to 4 Wi-Fi doorbells. Unlocking the door has never been more convenient as 1000 users are permitted to get access due to the support of the ID card unlock system combined with its normal wireless control system via P2P connection.

The infrared night vision and motion detector alarms the owner of any activity by taking photos and videos and storing them on the user’s phone. AnyGo is selling their doorbell in two color options: Gold and Silver.

6. GBF IP Wireless Weatherproof Video Doorbell

The latest doorbell by GBF uses the same motion detection technology found exclusively in high-security CCTV video surveillance systems. Using pixel-based triggering and up to four user-programmable areas of interest, false motion triggers are dramatically reduced. No matter where you are and what you are doing, you could always monitor your front yard and control your home’s security.

This device, with an integrated dual-stream full-featured 720P IP camera featuring a night vision mode and 110 degree wide viewing angle with no optical distortion, is ideal for viewing details at longer distances. With easy setup this doorbell instantly connects to your smart device through their ControlCam application.

5. Vuebell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Vuebell’s doorbell will stream live video from your front doorstep so you can see, hear and speak to the person from your smartphone. Presenting eight LED lights, allowing you to survey the area using night vision up to 18 feet away, this gadget ensures that what’s beyond your doorstep will always be clear owing to the wide lens camera.

Adding an extra layer of privacy, Vuebell enables at first a one-way conversation to later on switch to a two-way communication after your approval thus, ensuring maximum confidentiality. Additionally, you can select one of the multi-music tones available on the additional RF door chime after running a quick QR scan for rapid configuration.

4. Zmodo Greet Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Selected as number one door viewer on Amazon, the Zmodo Greet Package is considered to be worthy and flawless as it includes a Greet Wi-Fi doorbell and a Beam Wi-Fi extender allowing you to remotely connect to your home while never risking to go offline. When you receive a call and cannot respond to it, a predefined personalized voice message automatically plays back, insuring that no visitor is left behind unanswered.

This particular set gives you access to 720P HD live video at any time with an intelligent adjustable night vision mode adapting to low light conditions. And whenever motion is detected, the user receives an alert and a recorded video clip instantly to their application available to download from Apple’s AppStore and Google’s Play Store.

3. SkyBell HD Silver Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Considered as the most minimalistic Wi-Fi doorbell ever made, SkyBell features a polished silver or bronze circular design. This trendy device further allows the owner to examine his visitor with detail – through their iOS or Android application – as the 1080P HD sensor boasts a 5x zoom therefore, recording every single detected motion.

One of the premium features of this doorbell is providing additional security by alerting the customer that a visitor hasn’t pressed the button, in addition to picturing at night in full color HD mode. SkyBell’s patented video doorbell would still record video to your cloud account even when you’re unable to reply.

2. Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows 10 devices, Ring offers their doorbell in four metallic finishes to match your residence’s style. One of the best selling points of this device is giving the ability to designate areas to monitor, customize sensitivity as well as get real-time alerts when visitors are detected.

It’s weatherproof construction and infrared night vision gives you the freedom of monitoring your home around the clock and getting to check your visitors in brilliant HD video, along with hearing and speaking to them with crisp two-way audio using the free Ring application. This dual-powered doorbell offers a lifetime purchase protection, making you eligible for a free replacement if your Ring Doorbell ever gets stolen.

1. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

This top-notch best seller in doorbell kits by Ring records wide-angle high-definition video with stunning 1080P HD video and crisp two-way audio, lets you see, hear and speak to visitors from the comfort of your smartphone, tablet or computer, while maintaining a clear view of your home’s doorstep for optimal security.

Moreover, Ring Pro comes supplied with a smart motion detection system, enabling you to create and set up customizable motion zones ipso facto letting you monitor high-traffic areas while avoiding false alarms. Ring guarantees in providing the new Ring Pro as their most advanced doorbell yet with a sleek, ultra-slim design and weatherproof body featuring four interchangeable faceplates to satisfy every customer’s color preference, in addition to a lifetime purchase protection.

Top 10 Best Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbells 2019
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